We are a nature-loving family that have always had a passion for the ocean and marine life. In 2015, we made a dream come true and moved our family from Indiana to coastal North Carolina. Since moving, we've sprinkled our days with the salt life, playing at the beach, boating, family activities and getting involved with local marine animal and environmental conservation programs.


Put simply, our mission is to save our oceans and sea life. We participate in the local marine stranding program and it saddens us to see the plastic enrobing our marine life causing fatalities and in the stomachs of stranded sea animals. Whether it was the primary cause of death or not, there is always plastic in the stomach and digestive tract. We also play at the beach with our family and friends and there is far too often something washing up on the sand that isn't meant to be there.

Earlier this year, we started using glass straws to reduce our impact on the plastic pollution issue. After a month, we did the math and our family of 6 had thrown away almost 100 fewer straws in just one month! If we could help others make an impact, with a little fun and creativity along the way, then we can move toward a more clean and safe world for future generations!